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 Apply for August 2014!

Apply for the 2014-2015 School Year

The NET participates in the RSD/OPSB One App system. Therefore all applications and enrollment decisions are facilitated through the RSD One App Parent Centers, rather than directly at the NET school site. For information on the One App process, please visit the RSD's enrollment website here.


To Transfer to the NET during the Year

The NET is currently filled for the 2013-2014 school year. However, occassionally spots open up. To transfer to the NET during the school year, contact Ms. Kellie or contact a Parent Center for next steps. Click here for a list of Parent Centers.


General Questions

For more information on the NET, to schedule a tour, or for questions, please call Ms. Kellie (504) 267 9060 or email


Once you have received word for the RSD/OPSB One App system that you have been admitted to the NET, you must complete an Enrollment Packet.  This information is necessary in order to enroll you in the school and schedule your classes. Call Ms. Kellie for a copy of the Enrollment Packet.


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I would tell anyone that is even thinking about attending the NET to go for it, don’t second guess it!

-2012 Graduate

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